We are thankful for the officers and region representatives listed here who work so hard to lead our members and to further the mission of the Alabama Educational Technology Association.


Please direct all billing or general inquiries to aeta.connect@gmail.com.


Mr. Glen Granberry
President Email Mr. Glen Granberry
Mr. Bryan Phillips
Executive Vice-President Email Mr. Bryan Phillips
Mrs. Kelli Lane
VP of Professional Development Email Mrs. Kelli Lane
Mr. Tim Southerland
VP of Sponsor Relations Email Mr. Tim Southerland
Mr. Tommy Whitten
Treasurer Email Mr. Tommy Whitten
Mrs. Barbara Burchard
Secretary Email Mrs. Barbara Burchard
Mr. Joel Andrews
Region I Representative Email Mr. Joel Andrews
Mr. Michael Fowlkes
Region II Representative Email Mr. Michael Fowlkes
Mr. Jenel Travis
Region III Representative Email Mr. Jenel Travis
Mr. Chris Jenks
Region IV Representative Email Mr. Chris Jenks
Mrs. Susan Poling
Region V Representative Email Mrs. Susan Poling
Dr. Benitha Mathews
Region VI Representative Email Dr. Benitha Mathews
Dr. Connie Bain
Region VII Representative Email Dr. Connie Bain
Mr. Jeremy King
Region VIII Representative Email Mr. Jeremy King
Mr. Wayne Young
Region IX Representative Email Mr. Wayne Young
Mr. Tim Southerland
Awards Chair Email Mr. Tim Southerland
Ms. Susan Poling
Advocacy Email Ms. Susan Poling
Mrs. Donna Williamson
CALL Chair Email Mrs. Donna Williamson
Mr. Bruce Ellard
Past President Email Mr. Bruce Ellard
Executive Director
Administrative Support Email Executive Director
Mrs. Doris Moody
Webmaster Email Mrs. Doris Moody