Click HERE to apply for the CHARLIE cohort. 


The next ALCTO cohort will begin during the Fall 2017 Symposium. Any member may apply to participate, but the Delegate Member applicants will be given preference for the cohort in order to give all current Alabama ‘technology coordinators’ the opportunity to become certified. NOTE: The Winter and Summer conferences are one day, so participants should plan for courses to be offered on a second day. 

Tentative Schedule for the CHARLIE Cohort

Fall 2017 Symposium 

  • AL CTO Roles and Responsibilities: September 24, 2017 2PM-5PM Perdido Beach Resort
  • AL Technology Planning: September 26, 2017 2PM-5PM Perdido Beach Resort

Winter 2018 Conference 

  • AL Law, Ethics, and Policies
  • AL IT Management

Summer 2018 Conference

  • AL Data Management and Governance
  • AL Models of Professional Learning  

Fall 2018 Symposium

  • AL Teaching and Learning
  • AL Finance and Budgeting