Why pursue the AETA Alabama CTO Certification? 

The AL CTO program is unique. It is founded on the belief that leadership and expertise in the area of educational technology is tremendously complex and dynamic. Success in the role of a K-12 CTO means possessing and maintaining a high level of competency in more than just one field – education or IT. Regardless of the participant’s background, the program has much to offer. It is designed to assist the participant in developing higher levels of competency in the full range of CTO responsibilities, while ensuring that unique state requirements and opportunities are covered. 

The Alabama CTO Certification Program itself is the first of its kind and as we know it, no other state has developed such an innovative program for technology coordinators and leaders. As an Alabama CTO, you will share and learn from other systems leading to personal and professional growth. The program will provide access to information, training and professional development specific to educational technology in Alabama.


What is the cost once I am accepted to the program?

The course fee for the Alabama CTO Certification Program is $75. Participants are responsible to pay for their own travel and lodging. Meals are on your own.   


What payment methods are accepted for the fee?

You will be sent an invoice by email prior to the start of the first course. Send payment to AETA 3066 Zelda Road #216, Montgomery, Al 36106. Payments will be accepted on site at each conference. As each system has individual policies on certfication programs, check with your CSFO to deteremine if the cost can be covered by your system.


How many courses are in the program?

There are eight (8) courses. It will take approximately a year for the participant to complete the coursework. Please click Courses on the side for a detailed list of courses. 

When and where do the courses take place?

The courses will run in conjuction with AETA Winter, Summer and Fall meetings. Participants should expect to add an extra day to the meeting dates.

What if I miss a class?

Participants are encouraged to attend each course with the cohort to which they are assigned. This group will work collaboratively in order to create a professional network of peers. If a course is missed, the participant can request to attend the next schedule session. 


How will I complete the recertification process after I become an Alabama CTO?

Upon completion of the program, each participant is required to continue their training by obtaining continuing education hours annually to maintain their certificate. 12 hours/year


Will the CoSN CETL course participation and exam fulfill the course requirements for the Alabama CTO program? 

No, participation in the CETL program and subsequent exam will not satisfy the course requirements for the Alabama CTO Certification program. Participants should view the programs as separate state and national certifications. For additional information on the CETL course and exam, click HERE. Whereas all Alabama technology leaders and aspiring leaders are encouraged to complete the Alabama CTO certification program, it is not a prerequisite for CETL certification.