Who can participate? 

A successful candidate for the Alabama CTO Certification Program should be the current AETA Delegate for the system (Technology Coordinators, Director of Technology, Chief Technology Officer, etc) or a member with a minimum of three years of experience working in the education field. In addition, the participant should have a career objective to become a fully qualified CTO in K12. Continued employment in K12 throughout the program is required. 


NOTE: Any member may apply to participate, but the Delegate Member applicants will be given preference for the first three cohorts in order to give all current Alabama ‘technology coordinators’ the opportunity to become certified. Non-delegate members will submit a recommendation from the system's superintendent or Delegate Member that supports the applicant's participation in the program. 


Click HERE to read more information about AETA membership. 



Participant Responsibilities

Each participant must do all of the following to be successful:

  • Complete all prerequisite assignments prior to each session (if applicable)
  • Attend all eight sessions and actively participate/complete class activities and discussions
  • Provide constructive feedback to the program