We Need You!

How AETA Members Can be Advocates for Technology Funding

  1. Find the legislators who represent you, by visiting this site and typing in your zipcode. You will see the senators and representatives who represent that zipcode.
  2. Send your legislative delegation postcards and brochures from your district. Have students, teachers, support staff, superintendents, and parents write notes to their legislators about how technology is being used in your school system and how funding technology helps to meet your technology goals. When writing postcards, make sur that the message you send is in your own words. Be direct, honest and personal.
  3. Sign-up to be part of the Advocacy Committee to make key contacts with legislators.
  4. Make appointments and visit your local delegation. Take with you the one page white sheet and explain what funding we are trying to get through the legislature.
  5. Share the video with your local board of education, parents, central office staff, administrators, staff and teachers. Encourage them to be part of the advocacy campaign to help increase funding for technology.